Engines and Gen-sets


In cooperation with our partners, which are world’s leading manufacturers of Diesel, Gas, Electrical and HFO engines, we offer solutions with an output range of 4 – 10.000 kW. All engines meet current, as well as upcoming emission guidelines and are the ideal solution for industrial purposes, agriculture and construction machines, as well as for vessels and conveyor technique.


Besides the supply of single engines, we are as well able to deliver complete Diesel, Gas or HFO gen-sets with an electrical output between 12,5 kVA and 3.250 kVA to our customers. Based on up to date and innovative processes of production and compliance with highest quality standards, we guarantee the supply of reliable gen-sets.

Built-in units

In addition to basic criteria, such as type of operation and required output, the condition of the surrounding environment must be particularly considered, because this basically has effects on the design of the air, exhaust and cooling technology.

To be sure that the product works orderly at the end and as well meets all incurred regulations, together with our partners, we present our customers a plant layout, which considers your specific needs and the condition of the ambience.

Container units

Container units are a flexible solution. The space saving and compact installation into a container offers several benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation and start-up
  • Cost-efficient realization
  • Excellent sound absorption

The container units of our partners are a customized and reliable solution, which is as well qualified for desert areas with highest requirements for temperature and sand protection.