The Xelan International GmbH is your sovereign partner for customer-oriented solutions in the fields of compressed air and power supply. Take advantage of our competence in high-quality products, which are characterized by the latest technologies available on the market for your specific industrial application.


Core business - Centac® and Atlas Copco spare parts

As a customer you will benefit from an internationally active network of suppliers and partners with whom we offer versatile services for industrial air compressors - especially for IR Centac® and Atlas Copco compressors. The focus of our services is on the sale of IR Centac® and Atlas Copco spare parts and components.

We are also able to offer distribution of new and second-hand air compressors to our customers. Here as well, a comprehensive network with long-term partners allows us to supply you with cutting-edge technological turbo, screw and piston compressors. You want a completely overhauled system? Contact us and we make you a measuring offer.


Mobile and stationary power supply units

Motor solutions and power generators are also part of our skills - in technology innovate, in use absolutely reliable.


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