Parts and components for industrial air compressors

Sales of spare parts and components for industrial air compressors is the main business of Xelan International GmbH. Here, we are able to supply all changeable parts of the compressor, from small components such as O-rings and bearings, to parts such as rotors, impellers, cooler castings and air coolers.


IR Centac® spare parts

The business focus is on supply of IR Centac® spare parts for the entire Centac® compressor series. It is a great benefit to our customers that, besides the standard OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, we are able to offer non-OEM parts as well. These represent qualitative equivalent, but often significantly more cost-effective alternatives to OEM parts. Industry-acquired experience, extensive contacts as well as long developed production process of our suppliers and continuous testing of their products, make sure, this qualitative equivalence is preserved.

By the founding of <LINK _blank>VTS International GmbH</link> in 2015, at which the Xelan International holds a majority stake, we are now able to supply Centac® air coolers from group-owned production. The product range includes the coolers for models of Centac® 1, Centac® 2 and the current Centac® C series - in stainless steel, brass and copper-nickel version.


Atlas Copco spare parts

Supply of OEM Atlas Copco spare parts is section of Xelan´s air compressor business as well. By having access to a global network of suppliers, we are able to propose attractive prices to our worldwide operating customers.